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My Bookish resolutions of 2016

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Hi, folks !

It’s this time of the year when we all feel at the same time depressed (Christmas is over until another year, isn’t it?) and full of optimism and hope about the coming year. For me, the beginning of the new year has always rhymed with new resolutions so I thought it would be funny to take some “bookish” resolutions this year (among others, of course!) and to share them with you here.

My first resolution is of course to read more. Since I started this blog, I have realized that I do not read enough. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, I don’t post reviews regularly at all and I often end up rushing up to finish reading a book because I want to have finished it in order to post a review about it, situation which I don’t especially like, as I’d rather enjoy taking time to read a book which I really like. So I have decided to devote one hour every day to read. Yes, I know, it looks like a strict and annoying rule rather like a cool resolution but I really feel like keeping this resolution. Even if I need to impose to myself this reading time, it is always worth and I am always happy to have spent this one hour reading in the end.

My second resolution is to keep track of all the books I read from now on. I usually only remember books that I really enjoyed reading or books I have written reviews about, which in a way makes sense. But I feel like keeping trace of every single book I read, because even if they are not great, they probably deserve to be remembered in a way (should it only be for their titles) and also because I feel like having some statistics about my reading practice (what for, I am not quite sure, but I feel like it can be interesting to analyse a bit my reading frequencies and what I enjoy or dislike reading overall).

My third resolution, which means a lot to me, is to diversify my readings. I mainly want to read more non fiction books, a lot more, and this is not difficult considering that I almost only read novels. I love learning while I’m reading and I am really interested in learning more about a wide area of topics in order to understand better the world that surrounds me. Here is a small list of some topics I really want to read about this year (but of course I’m sure this list is going to lengthen…): British History, Anglo-Saxon politics in general, myths, Medieval History, sociology, current affairs, artists’ biographies.

Let’s now move to the resolutions linked to this blog! I want to change the design of this blog: first, because it is not appealing and I would like something more pleasant to look at, and second because (and we are here getting into the technical details, sorry) the theme I chose for this blog was not especially well conceived and posting an article is always such a pain in the ass even to do very simple things like re-sizing pictures or changing the colour of some words. Obviously I want to have control over the content of my blog but also over its design, and for now it is not the case so this is something else that needs to change in 2016!

The second resolution regarding my blog (which is also for myself) is to read more book blogs myself — I admit that I am not really a book blog reader, I am much more of a Booktuber watcher, much to my shame. Reading more book blogs will allow me to discover really interesting things but also to learn more about the way people write blog articles and engage the readers with their content. Finally, that would allow me to inscribe my blog among a network and hopefully to get more readers and sharing a bit more 🙂

What about you, guys? What are your 2016 resolutions (bookish or not)?

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  • Reply heyimManon 19 January 2016 at 16 h 14 min

    hey, what if you share your posts on social media ? Because, lazy people like me won’t remember you have a blog and go check it every 6 months.. i didn’t take resolutions this year, not officially anyway, but I applaud you for yours, they are noble.

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