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My Favourite Booktubers

My favourite Booktuber

Hi guys!

I have not been very present over the last weeks but I am back with an article to share some gems with you, hopefully you’ll like it! If you are living in England and love books, you probably already know Booktube. For my French friends, this may not be the case. I know some Booktubers have started to emerge in France lately but I believe that they are far from being as big as here in the Anglo-Saxon world. And, because I am living in England, I am following some of these English-speaking Booktubers from very close I must say.

I had no idea Booktube existed until about a year ago. And this discovery changed my life, literally. Thanks to the Booktubers I watch, my To-Be-Read list has kept growing and growing. These people are so passionate about books that their advice and opinions are most of the time much more interesting to hear than those from some remote newspaper reviewers for instance.

Today, I would like to tell you about some of my favourite Booktube channels. Almost all of them are very famous Booktube channels (and it’s justified!) but I will probably post more articles about Booktubers I like in the future and these articles will be more diverse, I promise.

Jen Campbell

Jen is from far my favourite Booktuber. She is also an author, poet and bookseller — which probably accounts for the fact that she can talk about books so well. She is just passionate about books. Her videos are always, always interesting and entertaining. She reads a bit of everything but is really into fairy tales, magical realism and poetry. These are genres which I do not know very well but each of her videos makes me feel like discovering some books of these genres and that’s what I like about her. She is really broadening my horizon as a reader.


Another Booktuber whom I particularly like. Jean is Scottish and has a lovely accent. Apart from that, she very regularly posts short and entertaining videos about books and more general topics like politics or feminism. She reads a bit of everything from YA literature to non-fiction but she has a particular interest for ancient history.

Ariel Bissett

Ariel is a Canadian Booktuber who reads a lot of young adult novels. She is full of life, creative and very engaging, and this is what make her videos stand out (even if her videos are also very interesting for their content of course). She has plenty of ideas and projects and makes a wide range of videos far beyond the usual book reviews and wrap ups. She has also started writing and has a great blog which I’ll link in my “Favourite book blogs” article to come! Last but not least, she is the creator and organizer of the BookTubeAThon!


Leena is a greeeeat Booktuber. She’s hilarious and has amazing book tastes. Once again, she reads a bit of everything but with a specific focus of non-fiction, a genre which I am very willing to discover. She also makes videos with strong and engaging content which, I believe, have a real impact. She has an amazing series called “Stupid questions with Leena”. In each video of this series, she interviews a Youtuber who is different than her because of their sexual orientation, a disability/deformity and so on and asks them stupid questions to try to understand what their life looks like. She also works in publishing, for PanMacmillan. She’s great, really.

Reads and Daydreams

Lauren is a very sweet Booktuber from London who started her channel only a year ago and it has already become a hugely popular channel. She has very eclectic tastes and it is always a pleasure to listen to her talking about books. I couldn’t explain that but I feel close to her in a way, I understand her arguments and always have the feeling to be watching a big sister who would give me great and personalized book recommendations/advice when I watch her videos.


Sanne is the first Booktuber that I followed and I fell deeply in love with her when I discovered her channel, maybe partly because of a self-identification phenomenon. Sanne is from the Netherlands and settled in London a few years ago in the hope she would find a job in publishing. She now works for Penguin Random House… In some of her videos she talks about how she made her way in the publishing industry in London and about the industry in general and that’s of course very interesting and enlightening. Plus, her videos are always very cool, short but entertaining. I highly recommend you check out her channel!


Finally, this Booktube channel is far from being very famous but it is extremely interesting. This Booktuber is American and I really really like her reviews and general videos about issues related to books and reading. All her book reviews are really deep. If you’re looking for content, that’s the channel to go to check out!

I hope this article has allowed you to discover some of these wonderful Booktube channels. If you have some channels to recommend, whether in French or in English, please let me know in the comments!

Enjoy your week and see you very soon!

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