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Favourites of the Month: September


Hi guys,

You have been waiting for them for two weeks and here they are… my belated September favourites! Below is a little glimpse of what I liked in September and think you should check out if you have not done so yet.

Bojack Horseman (TV Series)

Bojack Horseman is one of Netflix’s original series. It is an animated TV series which is cool like hell, as you can see from the opening theme below.

This TV series focuses on Bojack Horseman, an actor who played in a sitcom that was very famous in the 90’s, and who hasn’t done anything since the sitcom ended. Bojack is a cynical, selfish, self-centered, almost megalomaniacal character (and a confirmed bachelor) and he is definitely the spice of the series. He is such a great and funny character that you can’t help yourself from liking him, even if you don’t want to. Unlike other animated sitcoms, Bojack Horseman has a general plot which develops over the seasons, so each episode is not independent, and that is something that I quite like. Bojack lives with Todd, an absent-minded post-teenager with dubious hygiene who ended up living with Bojack we are not really sure how but who probably comes from an underprivileged background. Bojack also pseudo-dates his agent, Princess Carolyn. In the beginning of Bojack Horseman‘s first season, Bojack has just signed a contract with a publishing company, Penguin, to write his autobiography (or rather have his autobiography written by a ghostwriter, Diane)…

Bojack Horseman takes place in a world which is very, very similar to ours. The only major difference is that human beings and anthropomorphous animals live side by side and interact absolutely normally with one another. For instance, Bojack is a horse-man (yeah, his name fits him right!), Princess Carolyn is a cat-lady, Mr Peanutbutter is a yellow dog-man, and so on. The series takes place in Los Angeles, and more specifically in Hollywood. So yes, it does deal a lot with issues such as fame, TV and movies, book publishing and so on. I find these themes quite interesting, and I also really enjoy the numerous references to our contemporary culture (it is not very complicated to make the link between some characters from the show and some of our pop stars and so on). To conclude, I find this series very funny but also quite smart. It is the first animated TV series that I have liked so I truly recommend it, whereas you’re into South Park, Simpsons & others or not!

 Criminal (Podcast)

A colleague of mine recommended this podcast to me, and since then I have been totally addicted. Criminal is a podcast about crime (no, really?) hosted by Phoebe Judge. The episodes are short (about 20 minutes) and each episode focuses on a subject related to crime in the broad sense. My favourite episodes are those which focus on crimes that were committed in the early 20th or 19th century, and which are not very well documented but have interested a few individuals like folklorists or just private individuals who are now specialists and tell Phoebe Judge everything they found about these crimes. It’s for instance the case for the episode about the Lawson Family murder, the episode about Pearl Bryan’s murder or the episode about Jolly Jane, one of the biggest poisoners of the 19th century. I really like the diversity of subjects that are dealt with in this podcast. It is not just about sensational atrocious murders, far from it. Here are a few subjects I learnt about thanks to this podcast: tigers in captivity in America, John Frankford and bodysnatching for science in America since the 19th century, Pappy Van Winkle bourbon smuggling, racial riot, Johnnie Mae Chappell’s murder and the KKK in the United States, PMS as a defense in criminal cases and so on. The episodes are very well made, the people interviewed have always interesting things to say, and Phoebe Judge’s voice is just the perfect podcast’s voice. If you like morbid and quirky subjects or want to listen to an entertaining and instructive podcast, you should definitely check out Criminal.


Book Riot (website)

Book Riot is probably the coolest book website that exists. It’s a website for book lovers from book lovers. You can find a little bit of everything on this website, starting with great blog posts written by a lot of different contributors, all about books naturally, on subjects such as “18 Frankenstein covers from around the world” (you can read the article here), should readers trust Amazon (here), “Why Bob Dylan Will Win the Nobel Prize” (and this article was written in 2011! Book Riot contributors know what they’re talking about…), “My Favourite Books About Animals” and so on. As you can see there are many different kinds of blog posts, from many different contributors. Anything related to books, genres and reading is dealt with in the blog posts – the only thing you won’t find on Book Riot are the typical book reviews (because they are too boring, according to the people who run Book Riot, and I agree with them in a way – but only in a way!). Plus, as Book Riot has so many contributors, it publishes about 10 blog posts per day, which is huge. So if you have a compulsive need to read about books and the art of reading, if you are looking for inspiration, if you are hungry for book-related content, this website is clearly for you.

Book Riot also runs a weekly podcast about news from the world of books, Book Riot – The Podcast, and a weekly podcast about new book releases, All the books. You can also find videos here. I don’t think these videos are posted on a regular basis but they’re of great quality and you can find famous BookTubers in some of them. And, finally, Book Riot also sells veryyyy cool objects related to books, from jewelry to clothes and home & office accessories. Be careful if you’re planning to check out their shop page, it is hard to help yourself from buying everything they sell…

Please let me know of anything cool you’ve discovered recently, book or not book related. See you soon!

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