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Last Minute Christmas Bookish Gift Guide

Hi guys!

Christmas is coming and maybe some of you are still to finish their Christmas shopping. I thought this would be a good time to be a bit materialistic, try to forget that the world terribly sucks at the moment and post a last minute Gift Guide for book lovers here. I need a bit of thoughtlessness and I’m sure you do too. Let’s start with the beautiful books – picture above!

The Books

1 – Jane Austen novels in the Vintage Classics Austen Series
Everyone loves a good classic, not to talk about a series of classics. Why not offering a little selection of Jane Austen’s novels in the beautiful Vintage Classics series? First, you can’t go wrong with Jane Austen, and second, these books are so beautiful that they would be perfect to decorate any shelves!

2 – New York Cult Recipes by Marc Grossman
A beautiful cookbook can also make a very nice gift. I love New York Cult Recipes, it has fun recipes and beautiful pictures but if you know someone who is more into Middle Eastern cuisine, then the stunning Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour should make them happy.

3 – F. Scott Fitzgerald novels in the Alma Classics series 
Yes, this is an alternative to the Jane Austen novels I was mentioning before. If you know someone who is more into American early 20th century literature, then a series of Fitzgerald novels in the Alma Classics series is the way to go.

4 – His Dark Material by Philip Pullman
Probably the perfect gift for a teenager who is into fantasy or even for a teenager who loves reading in general. This is a quite accessible fantasy read, beautifully written and thrilling. Plus, this Everyman’s Library hardback edition, which comprises the three novels of this trilogy, is just stunning.

For the aspiring writers

1- Ola Notebooks
Some readers also like writing or just having a notebook/several notebooks where they can write down everything they want, from TBR lists to shopping lists. I recently fell in love with these Ola notebooks. They are very minimalist notebooks with elegant graphic printed covers. They come in two sizes (105 x 148 mm or 148 x 210 mm), are very soft, have beautiful thick plain paper pages and are carefully bound. I love writing in them and I think everyone will.

2- Procrastination Pencils
These Procrastination Pencils constitute a funny gift which would perfectly compliment the Ola notebooks! Yes, I know, they’re out of stock on The Literary Gift Company website at the moment, but I’m sure they can be found somewhere else. Plus, they were too cool not to be included into this gift guide! Each pencil of this set has a procrastination order engraved in it: “Go on, Take me for a Doddle!”, “You Probably Need Another Coffee”…

3- A Literary Mug
Who says writing session also says tea drinking, and what better than drinking tea from a literary inspired mug to keep the flow going? I like the “Mug of One’s Own” from The Literary Gift Company (in my picture), which unfortunately seems to have vanished from their website since yesterday! But I also find pretty cool this “In a serious relationship with my books” mug or this “Go Away I’m reading” mug!

4- Oscar Wilde Library Candle
This Oscar Wilde Library Candle would also be perfect to create positive writing vibes! It is a Wilde inspired soy candle, which smells like cedarwood, thyme and basil and bears a famous quote from Wilde. You can also find candles inspired by other writers on The Literary Gift Company website, such as a Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol Candle (perfectly in the theme!). Not sure that the link between scents and writer is always obvious, but still, these candles look bloody awesome.

The useful ones

1- Edgar Allan Poe Socks
We are now entering the realm of the very useful and handy gifts (or the gifts which are quite useless in everyday life but still freaking fun, depending on the point of view!) with some socks. These socks have Edgar Allan Poe’s head printed all over them. What else is there to add?

2- Bookends
OK, this one can only be an incredibly useful gift, and I wish I was offered it when I was in my old flat and my books were always falling from my shelves : Bookends! This one is pretty cool and totally summarizes my relationship with books and life (who said I was a pessimist!).

3– Clockwork Orange Tote Bag
The literary tote bag is a real must-have too. Like the literary mug, it comes in numerous shapes, patterns, colours. You can find awesome tote bags at Watersones, Foyles or anywhere online. I have a particular liking for this Clockwork Orange one.

4- Banned Books Matchbook Set
If you know a smoker who likes to play it cool by using matches instead of a lighter, then this banned books matches boxes set should impress them and allow them to show off even more. And that’s how you make an original cheap gift!

5- Shakespeare & Jane Austen Cookie Cutters
Again, whether this gift is really useful may be subject to debate. But well, I don’t know of any reader who wouldn’t be thrilled to bake cookies in the shape of their favourite writer’s head! My favourite dead writer’s cookie cutters are these Shakespere and these Jane Austen Cookie Cutters! 

I hope you enjoyed this late minute bookish gift guide and please feel free to complete the list 😉

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  • Reply Alex 20 December 2016 at 22 h 51 min

    Careful, if you combine Banned Books Matchbook Set with Clockwork Orange Tote Bag, you may create a psycho! :p

  • Reply heyimManon 18 January 2017 at 17 h 33 min

    I like the Penguin mug, the Vintage Classics Austen Series and the candle. Did you get any of these things for Christmas ?

    • Reply ameliereadingit 18 January 2017 at 23 h 50 min

      Haha, no unfortunately I didn’t get any of these things for Christmas. But I got other nice bookish gifts: two big boxes decorated with old books in trompe-l’oeil style (I don’t know if this makes any sense, it’s a bit hard to explain, maybe I’ll post a picture here!), a booklight-bookmark and a book (“Another Day in The Death of America”).

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