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Favourites Of The Month: December

Hi folks!

Yes, 2017 is here and this post already feels so out-dated but hey, there is no way you are going to escape my December Favourites! In December, I watched one of the best movies I had watched in a long time and I also really enjoyed a podcast and a Youtube channel.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Movie)

This movie gave me a big slap. Can you say this in english? I don’t care, I’m saying it. It is a creepy, disturbing, thrilling, fascinating movie that really really shook me. I felt a need to talk about it for days after watching it. It is not a new movie, it was released in 2011 but I have only watched it recently (thanks Netflix!) and I liked it so much that I decided to include it here. Plus, I’m sure plenty of you have also missed it. Directed by Lynne Ramsay, this movie is an adaptation from a Lionel Shriver novel  – I have not read the book but this movie is apparently a good adaptation, that’s also what Lionel Shriver said himself – and it stars many talented actors, among whom the wonderful Tilda Swinton. I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot because the movie builds up a very interesting suspense and I really enjoyed trying to guess, little by little, how the movie would end. Not understanding anything in the beginning and working out where the plot was going was a bit frustrating in the beginning. But it’s also, at the same time, why this movie is so great! So I won’t say too much. Let’s just say that the film opens with Eva, a mom of two, after a terrible event in which she is involved has happened. The whole point of the movie is to narrate, little by little, the various events that led to this terrible event. It is not an ordinary movie, and it examines in a very interesting way, in my opinion, topics such as familial relationships and motherhood.

Make it Then Tell Everybody (Podcast)

A podcast for artists, people fascinated by artists, people who love illustrations, graphic novel readers and many others! Hosted by British cartoonist and Glyndwr University lecturer Dan Berry, this podcast features interviews with illustrators and cartoonists. Dan Berry being an illustrator and cartoonist himself, these interviews take the form of a real conversation with Dan and the hosts exchanging tips or stories related to their own experience, and this is really pleasant. I guess the conversations can become a little bit technical from time to time, when Dan and his hosts talk about drawing techniques or material, but this never lasts for too long and I think these interviews can be enjoyed even by those who know absolutely nothing about illustration or cartoons. This podcast allowed me to discover a lot of very interesting and talented artists and to enrich my Graphic Novels/Cartoons TBR list! The only annoying part about this podcast is that a lot of the interviews are phone interviews and the sound quality is not always the best one. But this is not a too big down side, as 90% of the interviews are totally understandable and 80% are even sound-wide enjoyable. Now, I must also warn you that this podcast’s website is a bit temperamental and doesn’t always work (at least with me, you may be luckier!). A good alternative to listen to this podcast would be to check it out on Player FM.

Sophie Carlon (Youtube Channel)

Sophie Carlon is a Youtuber whom I particularly like at the moment. She is a bit… special let’s say. You just need to go watch one of her videos to see what I mean. I actually discovered Sophie Carlon’s channel a few months ago but didn’t like it, as I found her “weirdness” too weird for me. But I recently went back to her channel and I am now addicted, against all expectations! Sophie is an Australian artist who doesn’t make a living from her art but who is extremely creative. She wrote and self-published a book, makes a zine and sells a bunch of little things she creates on her online shop. She also reads a lot and most of her videos are book recommendations, which I adore! She really makes me feel like reading 99% of the books she talks about on her channel, and I like the fact that she talks a lot about books that are not very present on Booktube. She also makes a lot of other videos related to her life, mental health issues and various other things, and vlogs a bit. Beware, she has a snake, and it appears in a lot in her videos! I’m saying this because I am afraid of snakes… I sometimes wonder why I like her channel so much… Anyway, go check it out 🙂

Guys, as always, if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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