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2017 Resolutions/Projects

Today is probably one of the last days I can rightfully post a 2017 New Resolutions/Projects blog post so here it is! I love taking resolutions every New Year and I decided to stick to the rule for this new year. My main resolution as a reader is to take more risks and broaden my reading horizon, and I want to it to be obvious on this blog.

So here is what you can expect on my blog for 2017 if everything goes according to plan :

  • A blogroll  I have been actively looking for blogs (in French and in English) that I like and want to share with you. I am finally starting to get a list with of interesting book blogs so I am hoping to introduce my blogroll in a very near future. That being said, if you know of any good book (or non-book) blog, please let me know.
  • I also want to resume my News of The Week posts, which I gave up a year ago. Same principle but the blog posts will be shorter and less frequent (it may become a “News of The Month” section) and hopefully the news dealt with will be less bleak. I would also like to talk a bit more about what is going on in the French publishing industry instead of solely focusing on English-speaking countries.
  • I’m also planning to start a new category, which will be called Back To Classics. In this category, I’m gonna talk about classics from all around the world. I’m planning to write one post for each country/continent/geographical area I chose to focus on. I’m hoping to read at least 5 classics for each geographical area. I’ve chosen 8 geographical areas : Germany, the United States, South America, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan and Italy. This choice is totally arbitrary and I apologize for having a “South America” category instead of having picked a specific South American country. The reason is that I don’t know anything about South American literature and I was not sure that one country distinguished itself from the others in terms of classics. I haven’t researched much but it seems to me that classics from South America have a lot in common. And I also want to read authors from different countries (such as Borges and Neruda, for instance), so it was convenient to have this big “South America” label.

Why have I decided to start this huge project? Because I have not read classics in ages and I want to challenge myself. I have been reading exclusively contemporary fiction over the last years and as much as I love contemporary fiction, I know that I am missing some universally acknowledged literary gems. I want to be less of a comfortable and lazy reader and try to understand why some books become universally recognized as classics. Also, the only classics that I ever read were French classics so I clearly have some catch up to do with classics from all over the world.

I am currently making my TBR list for this project, which I will post here when it is done. Please let me know if you have any authors/works suggestion. 

  • Finally, I also want to start a new category inspired by my friend Manon’s blog CaPetille. Manon has a “Cover Of The Week” category on her blog and it is quite awesome. I would like to start posting about book covers here too. It is probably not going to be a weekly thing but I’m still going to try to post on a regular basis. I am very excited to start this category because book covers can be really innovative and interesting, especially here in the United Kingdom.

That’s all for now guys, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any reading/blogging/personal resolutions and projects for this New Year!

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  • Reply heyimManon 29 January 2017 at 18 h 05 min

    Yeah, i’m looking forward to see the covers you will show in here ! I’m flattered if i really inspired you for this category ^^ It would be a good idea for Ça pétille ! too to start again the news posts…

  • Reply Sophie 29 January 2017 at 20 h 35 min

    Amélie ! This is si exciting ! I really admire that you have so many ideas and projects. I’m especially looking forward to the back to classics section !

    If you’re going into German literature, please read Herman Hesse + W.G Sebald. I’ve been on a ‘classic American women writers’ trail lately so I recommend you try Carson Mc Cullers (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) and Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird), they’re both amazing. As for classic American South novels, I loved Other Voices, Other Rooms, an early novel by Truman Capote (and In Cold Blood is of course a must read!). As for English classics I’ve told George Eliot is great.

    Ah so many great books to read ! Looking forward to read all about it soon 🙂

    • Reply ameliereadingit 31 January 2017 at 20 h 57 min

      Thanks so much for all these recommendations Sophie! You’re making me even more excited to start this section 🙂

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