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Favourites of the Month: March 2017

Hi everyone,

I liked plenty of things in March so it was high time for my March Favourites post!

Freaks and Geeks (TV Series)

Freaks and Geeks is an amazing comedy-drama TV show from the nineties that I have only recently discovered. It is incredibly funny while also tackling a few ‘serious’ issues. Freaks and Geeks takes place in a fictional suburb of Detroit in the early 1980’s and recounts the daily life of teenagers from William McKinley High School – their life at the high school, which is split into two clans, the ‘freaks’ and the ‘geeks’, and their life within their families.  This series offered their first roles to a bunch of first-class actors such as James FrancoSeth Rogen or Linda Cardellini, to name but a few. The characters of Freaks and Geeks are far from the stereotyped teenage characters that you can find in most 90’s TV shows, and the secondary characters are as great and engaging as the main characters. I am not really into funny stuff usually but this TV show has something very special… Beware though, the show was cancelled after the first season. But still, you’ve got one season of pure happiness to watch!

Get Out (Movie)

I recently went to see Get Out at the cinema and really enjoyed it. This horror movie/thriller by Jordan Peele has been a bit hyped up (and rightly so) so you may have heard about it but if not, here’s the plot: Chris and his girlfriend Rose go to spend the weekend at Rose’s parents, in the countryside, for the first time since they’ve been together. In other words, the dreadful moment to meet his girlfriend’s parents has come for Chris. By the way, Chris also happens to be black, and Rose’s parents have not been provided with this information prior to the meeting. As you can guess, the weekend starts in a very awkward way for Chris… before turning into a literal nightmare. It’s a great and fast-paced movie that goes straight to the point and has one of these twists that I love so much in movies. It also has a great cast: Rose is played by Allison Williams from Girls while Chris is played by Daniel Kaluuya from Black Mirror. Last but not least, this clever movie tackles the issue of racism in a whole new light.

Stranglers (Podcast)

Stranglers is a narrative/documentary podcast based on the murders committed by the Boston Strangler in the early 1960’s. It is narrated by Portland Helmich (who has a very good podcast voice) and, in twelve episodes, recounts the case while also showing all its difficulties and grey areas. Portland Helmich also investigates some leads that had been passed by the police who worked on the case in the 1960’s and manages to find a few witnesses who have some relevant and troubling revelations to make… I believe it is a very interesting podcast to listen to if you like crime investigations and are not familiar at all with this horrible but fascinating case. This podcast has a bit of a Serial vibe in my opinion (in less good).

‘Reclaim the Internet’ (Video)

This spoken poem written and performed by Agnes Török was created for the Dangerous Women Projectan amazing project started by the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. I am not going to develop about this project here but I strongly encourage you to check out this website which contains 365 posts written by female artists, journalists and academics that explore and examine the ‘dangerous women’ theme.

I love ‘Reclaim the Internet’ because it is beautifully written and performed but also unbelievably relevant. I had never really realized that videos with feminist content triggered so much hatred online until a few months ago, when I started consuming more ‘feminist’ videos such as Caitlin Moran’s. And we have to admit that resentful comments by random guys (who often are not only misogynous but also racist) always appear below any of these feminist videos. These comments are insulting or threatening. This is a reality. ‘Reclaim the Internet’ found the sensitive spot and the fact that the comments for this video have been disabled on Youtube and that so many horrible response videos have been made proves it. I really want to give a thumb up to Agnes Török and to all the women who are brave enough to create and share the (feminist) content they want to share online because, unfortunately, you still need to be a ballsy woman to do that in 2017.

American Horror Story (TV Series)

Finally, I would like to tell you about one of my favourite series of all time: American Horror Story, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It’s an anthology horror TV series whose seasons are totally independent. Each season takes place in a different time and place, with different characters (but a lot of actors appear in several seasons): the first season takes place in a haunted house in contemporary L.A., the second season in an asylum in 1964, the third season in a witch academy in New Orleans, the fourth season in a freak show in the 1950’s etc. The cast is amazing, the actors really manage to embody very different characters in each season. Also, side note, Lady Gaga stars in the fifth and six seasons. Of course, this series is packed with the most horrible things you can imagine (although it’s not always that scary) but it also has got the most carefully crafted plots ever.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for me 🙂

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