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10 blogs I seriously Recommend – Part 1

For a long time, I thought that blogs were boring and that I’d rather watch Youtube videos. Luckily, some blogs have made me change my mind, and today I would like to share some of these blogs with you. Most of them are in English but a couple of them are in French, so I apologize to my non-French readers for that. And of course, most of these blogs are book blogs, but not only…

Ça Pétille!  🇫🇷
Ça Pétille is a beautiful blog curated by Manon, a former coursemate of mine who is passionate about books and has an awesome online presence. On Ça Pétille, you’ll find short book reviews, posts about beautiful book covers and cultural discoveries, and posts about amazing stationery. It’s a very visually rich blog and I’m sure you’ll love browsing it.

Kraken Reads  🇬🇧
Although I do not know Jenny from Kraken Reads, her blog really makes me feel like she’s my bookish alter ego. She seems to have the same reading tastes as me and often publish reviews of books I was potentially planning to read, which is very convenient… Her book reviews are great and engaging, and deal with various genres. Unfortunately she doesn’t post very often but every post of hers is a little gem!

The Book Satchel 🇬🇧
The Book Satchel may be the most beautiful book blog I know. Each book review comes with stunning pictures, making this blog a real feast for the eyes. I also really like the fact that Resh Susan, who is Indian, talks so much about Indian literature on her blog.

The Writes of Woman: A celebration of female writers and their work 🇬🇧
Well, I think everything is in the name of this blog. It’s all about reviews of books written by women and selections of media articles about/by female writers. A compelling, super interesting and much needed blog. I encourage you to check out the reasons behind this blog here.

Mercury Calling 🇬🇧
Mercury Calling is the affiliated blog for MercuryCalling BookTube channel, which is one of my favourite BookTube channel. Unfortunately Angelica Cofer doesn’t post very regularly on this blog but what she posts (a mixture of bookish lists, book reviews and more general discussion posts) is always awesome.

Chronic Bibliophilia 🇬🇧
Chronic Bibliophilia is a pure book blog, where you’ll find high quality book reviews. It’s mostly literary fiction that is reviewed there and a big place is left for diverse voices (BAME authors and more generally authors whose “voices face suppression”), which I particularly enjoy. If you’re looking for diversity in your readings, this is the blog to check out.

Fourth Street Review 🇬🇧
A great blog that talks about books in the most entertaining possible way. Rory has several very interesting kinds of articles (her “Literary Mixtapes”, for instance, provide a playlist for a specific book) and loves making all kinds of lists (from ” Liked that movie? Read this book” to “Worst Fictional Mothers“). She’s also a big Stephen King Fan. If you’re not really into book blogs, I bet that’s the blog that can make you change your mind!

Acide Free Pulp 🇬🇧
Here’s a blog that I have only recently discovered but OMG, it is sooo good. In addition to the traditional book reviews, you’ll find there a lot of “unspecific musings about writing, books, translation”. Acide Free Pulp’s posts often link books with TV series or to a general theme, which make them original and pleasant to read. Some other posts present or discuss pop culture elements, from podcasts to movies. I absolutely love reading this blog.

U Lost Control 🇫🇷
Charlotte from U Lost Control provides you with in-depth, super interesting and originally structured book reviews. These book reviews mostly focus on classics, graphic novels and Brazilian literature but not only. Anglophone books are sometimes reviewed.

The Longest Chapter 🇬🇧
The Longest Chapter offers eclectic reviews of novels, non-fiction books, graphic novels, short story collections & others. Kassie Rose is a book critic for a radio station and all the reviews she posts on her blog are amazingly well-written. They are the reviews I wish I had written. Kassie Rose also posts about new releases, which is quite interesting.

I hope you are going to discover blogs that you’ll like 🙂 Please let me know in the comments if there are any blogs that you particularly enjoy.

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