Reading it is the first big challenge that I set to myself. I have been passionate about reading and books for a very long time but it has always been a solitary passion. A couple of years ago, I decided that it was high time this changed. I have had the chance to meet a lot of people who have shared their passions for books with me throughout my life: literature teachers, librarians, friends and so on. I am now also a big consumer of Booktube channels. I have gotten and am still getting a lot out of all the book recommendations that I have received at some point in my life. I now want to give something back and I hope this blog is going to bring a bit of joy to those who love reading but also to those who are not regular readers.

This blog features unpretentious books’ reviews, mostly of books that I really liked or think can be of interest to some of you – why focusing on bad books when there are so many masterpieces? – and more general articles about what is going on in the book trade, my very favourite bookshops, publishers and places or initiatives related to books. If this blog can convince at least one person to read a book that I liked and that I think deserves to be massively read, then I’d be really happy.

I would also like this blog to be a place of sharing. Whether you liked, disliked a book, agree, disagree with me or want to share a book lover’s gem or tip, please don’t hesitate to leave comments and share your opinions!

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