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Favourites of the Month

Favourites Of The Month: May-June 2017

It’s time for a double amount of monthly favourites!

An American In Paris (Musical Play)

An American In Paris may be the most successful musical play in London at the moment. I went to see it at the Dominion Theatre (which is a very beautiful venue by the way) and really enjoyed it. It is an adaptation of the 1951 eponymous movie, which recounts the story of Jerry Mulligan, an American veteran who stays in Paris to become a painter after World War II and falls in love with a girl who is already engaged to a friend of his (the friend is a French wannabe singer from a rich family). Continue Reading

This And That

10 blogs I seriously Recommend – Part 1

For a long time, I thought that blogs were boring and that I’d rather watch Youtube videos. Luckily, some blogs have made me change my mind, and today I would like to share some of these blogs with you. Most of them are in English but a couple of them are in French, so I apologize to my non-French readers for that. And of course, most of these blogs are book blogs, but not only… Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the month: April 2017

Hi guys,

today we’re talking series and podcasts I loved in April.

S-Town (Podcast)

S-Town is the podcast everyone has been raving about in the last few weeks. I have checked it out upon the recommendation of a colleague and oh boy it was awesome! Produced by the producers of Serial and hosted by Brian ReedS-Town is a 7 episode-investigative podcast that was made over three years. Everything started in 2012, when John B. McLemore, a horologist from Woodstock, Alabama, emailed the staff of This American Life to ask them to investigate a murder having allegedly taken place in Woodstock and been covered by the local police. Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the Month: March 2017

Hi everyone,

I liked plenty of things in March so it was high time for my March Favourites post!

Freaks and Geeks (TV Series)

Freaks and Geeks is an amazing comedy-drama TV show from the nineties that I have only recently discovered. It is incredibly funny while also tackling a few ‘serious’ issues.  Continue Reading

This And That

4 Days In Copenhagen

Hi guys!

I have just come back from a 4 days trip to Copenhagen and I feel like telling you a bit about this wonderful city. This post is going to be in-between travel diary and city guide, and I hope it will make you feel like visiting Copenhagen and give you some useful tips and info if you’re planning to visit this city in the near future.

Staying in Copenhagen

The first thing I need to warn you about is how expensive this city is. If you are on a budget, Copenhagen is not the destination to go for. Apart from that, people in Copenhagen are quite welcoming and speak an amazing english so you will not be in any trouble to communicate with them. Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the Month: January

Hi guys! 2017 started very well with a month of January rich in discoveries and I have four favourites to share with you: two movies, a photography exhibition and – what a surprise! – a podcast.

Whiplash (Movie)

I have recently watched Whiplash, Damien Chazelle‘s second movie, which was released in 2014 (thanks Netflix), and I absolutely loved it. This drama movie won a bunch of awards and was unanimously acclaimed by critics when it was released, so chances are that you have already seen or at least heard about it but I HAD TO to mention it here. Whiplash narrates the story of Andrew Neiman, a first-year jazz student at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory in New York whose objective is to become a professional drummer. Continue Reading