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Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the Month: October


Hello everyone!

Today I am super excited to share with you my favourites of the month. October was rich in awesome discoveries, that’s the least we can say. Let’s start immediately with my first favourites…

The 13th (Documentary)

The 13th is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It was released on Netflix UK in October and if you have not watched it, I urge you to do so. I truly believe that everyone should watch it.

Directed by Ava DuVernay, the filmmaker behind Selma (another very good movie by the way), The 13th is a documentary focusing on the inequalities of the criminal justice system in the United States. This extremely efficient documentary develops and demonstrates the following theory: today’s police violence towards ethnic minorities and especially Black people in the United States is, first, a historical heritage. Indeed, it has its roots in both slavery and the Jim Crow laws. It has also been allowed by the implementation of a mass incarceration system in the second part of the 20th century. This mass incarceration system results from laws created by American presidents for political purposes, starting with Nixon and (surprisingly) culminating with Bill Clinton. Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

Favourites of the Month: September


Hi guys,

You have been waiting for them for two weeks and here they are… my belated September favourites! Below is a little glimpse of what I liked in September and think you should check out if you have not done so yet.

Bojack Horseman (TV Series)

Bojack Horseman is one of Netflix’s original series. It is an animated TV series which is cool like hell, as you can see from the opening theme below.

This TV series focuses on Bojack Horseman, an actor who played in a sitcom that was very famous in the 90’s, and who hasn’t done anything since the sitcom ended. Bojack is a cynical, selfish, self-centered, almost megalomaniacal character (and a confirmed bachelor) and he is definitely the spice of the series. He is such a great and funny character that you can’t help yourself from liking him, even if you don’t want to. Unlike other animated sitcoms, Bojack Horseman has a general plot which develops over the seasons, so each episode is not independent, and that is something that I quite like. Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

August Favourites


Hello guys!

Time for the August favourites! This month, I liked:

Stranger Things (TV series)

Yes, everyone is watching or has already watched Stranger Things. That means that I am not going to write too much about this very awesome Netflix TV series. Basically, Stranger Things is about Will, a 12-year-old kid (or so) who goes missing after a board game night at his friend’s. And, obviously, it is also (and mainly) about the search for Will: not only are his family and the town’s sheriff  looking for him, his 3 best friends have also decided to find him no matter what. It is a very nice TV show to watch because it combines a little bit of everything: mystery, horror, thriller, super 80’s vibe, high school team drama… Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

July Favourites


Hi guys,

Time for my July Favourite. This month, I have three things to tell you about.

Better Call Saul (TV Show)

This TV show is just awesome. If you loved Breaking Bad, you’ve probably already watched it, as it’s a Breaking Bad spin-off prequel focusing on two emblematic supporting characters of this series: Saul (obviously) but also Mike. If you have not watched it yet, I urge you to do so. Of course, it’s better if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, as there are a lot of references to it in this TV show– the setting, one of the main themes of the show, and of course characters from Breaking Bad who come back for one episode or for the whole show – but it can also be watched as an independent TV show. It takes place a few years before Breaking Bad and recounts the story of Saul, emblematic lawyer from Breaking Bad, before he actually became Saul Goodman. In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill (=future Saul) is a lawyer who struggles to find the right track and get rid of his scammer’s habits. We also follow the path of Mike, before he becomes Gustavo’s feared right-hand man in Breaking Bad.

Continue Reading

Favourites of the Month

June Favourites

June favourites

Hey everyone!

This article inaugurates a new category of articles on my blog (drum roll): the monthly favourites. In these articles, I’ll present some of my favourite things each month, and hope that it will also allow you to discover some cool stuff. I think it’s going to be more about culture than proper things, actually. I know, I’m very late for my June favourites, but I really wanted to do this article, as I have discovered some awesome things in June.

In June, I liked:

Books on the Nightstand (podcast)

The bad news is that this podcast has just ended, after eight years of intensive broadcasting…. The good news? All the episodes are still available to download or listen to on the website, and there are a lot of them (390 to be specific). As you’ve probably guessed, this is a podcast about books, and it is soooo interesting! Continue Reading