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Review: You can’t keep a good woman down by Alice Walker


Hi people!

I haven’t posted here for a very long time, I’m sorry about that. However, I do have an excuse: first, I was busy changing the design of this blog (I hope you like this new design by the way!). And then, I went to Japan, where I spent two wonderful weeks of holiday. But I am back with a short review (I’m going to try to keep my blog posts short, and I feel that it’s not going to be easy…) of a powerful short stories collection (wow, a lot of “short” in this sentence, isn’t it?): You can’t keep a good woman down by Alice Walker.

I don’t really read short stories because I find it easier to get into the story when you have time to discover the characters. Most of the time, novels introduce and develop realistic characters we can feel close to, or relate to. This is not often the case with short stories I find. But this short story collection pleasantly surprised me. Its short stories are very powerful: they deal with important and harsh themes such as murder, rape, abortion, family, racism and so on. Obviously, this is not a short story collection you should read if you are depressed or looking for a light and easy reading, to say the least. These short stories will arouse strong feelings in you but they will also make you think. Impossible not to think when reading them. Some of them are actually built like fictional mini essays.

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