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Five books to read on the beach


Hi guys,

I know that some of you are still to go on holiday. If it’s your case, you may wonder which books you are going to try to fit into your suitcase, and that’s all the point of today’s article. Yes guys, today I’m going to present you my top 5 of the books that I would definitely bring with me to read on the beach. Please note that the order of this top 5 doesn’t matter at all, I would be totally unable to tell you which book would be a better reading than another one.

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Review: Consolation by Anna Gavalda


Good afternoon!

Today I’m here to tell you about the latest novel I have read: Consolation (La Consolante) by Anna Gavalda. It was the only book I hadn’t read from this French author, who is one of my favourite authors of all time.

As always, the plot is quite simple: Charles, the narrator, is a successful architect who lives with Laurence and their daughter Mathilde in Paris — actually, Mathilde is not his biological daughter but it comes to the same thing. After more than ten years, Charles and Laurence’s relationship is in a bad state. Charles lives his life being on autopilot. Until he finds something that brutally brings him back first to his past, and then to reality. One night, at his parents’ house, he finds an anonymous letter whose handwriting is not hard to recognize: it is a letter from his former best friend and neighbour, Alexis, announcing his mother’s death. Alexis’s mother, Anouk, was Charles’s first love. Continue Reading