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Bad Sex Award, Harry Potter promoting satanism and public libraries in danger


Hello everyone!

Time for the news of the week.

Let’s start with some sad and great news at the same time. Sad because, and this is not new, public libraries in the UK are facing increasing threats to have to close down because of spending cuts from the city councils and other local authorities. Many public libraries have been forced to shut down in the last ten years and it is still going on. In a very interesting article on the subject, The Guardian lists some public libraries which have closed down or been under threat of a close down in the last years. I’m just going to mention some of them, which were listed in the article, but I believe there are many more: in London, the Brent Council closed down the Kensal Rise library in 2011, alongside 5 other libraries, despite a strong mobilization from the general public and famous writers including Zadie Smith. Continue Reading