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Favourites of the Month

Favourites Of The Month: December

Hi folks!

Yes, 2017 is here and this post already feels so out-dated but hey, there is no way you are going to escape my December Favourites! In December, I watched one of the best movies I had watched in a long time and I also really enjoyed a podcast and a Youtube channel.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Movie)

This movie gave me a big slap. Can you say this in english? I don’t care, I’m saying it. It is a creepy, disturbing, thrilling, fascinating movie that really really shook me. I felt a need to talk about it for days after watching it. It is not a new movie, it was released in 2011 but I have only watched it recently (thanks Netflix!) and I liked it so much that I decided to include it here. Plus, I’m sure plenty of you have also missed it. Continue Reading

This And That

My Favourite Booktubers

My favourite Booktuber

Hi guys!

I have not been very present over the last weeks but I am back with an article to share some gems with you, hopefully you’ll like it! If you are living in England and love books, you probably already know Booktube. For my French friends, this may not be the case. I know some Booktubers have started to emerge in France lately but I believe that they are far from being as big as here in the Anglo-Saxon world. And, because I am living in England, I am following some of these English-speaking Booktubers from very close I must say.

I had no idea Booktube existed until about a year ago. And this discovery changed my life, literally. Thanks to the Booktubers I watch, my To-Be-Read list has kept growing and growing. These people are so passionate about books that their advice and opinions are most of the time much more interesting to hear than those from some remote newspaper reviewers for instance. Continue Reading

This And That

My Bookish resolutions of 2016

keep calm

Hi, folks !

It’s this time of the year when we all feel at the same time depressed (Christmas is over until another year, isn’t it?) and full of optimism and hope about the coming year. For me, the beginning of the new year has always rhymed with new resolutions so I thought it would be funny to take some “bookish” resolutions this year (among others, of course!) and to share them with you here.

My first resolution is of course to read more. Since I started this blog, I have realized that I do not read enough. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, I don’t post reviews regularly at all and I often end up rushing up to finish reading a book because I want to have finished it in order to post a review about it, situation which I don’t especially like, as I’d rather enjoy taking time to read a book which I really like. Continue Reading