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Review: The Cyprus Problem by James Ker-Lindsay


Hi everyone!

It’s finally time for my review of the first non-fiction book I haveread this year: The Cyprus Problem: What everyone needs to know by James Ker-Lindsay. I really liked this book, and this has nothing to do with the fact that it was offered to me by my boyfriend, I promise! To tell you the full story of how I came to read this book, my boyfriend is Cypriot and he wanted me to learn a bit about the history of his country – hence this book. So yes, this is because my boyfriend is from Cyprus that I read this book and am generally interested in anything related to Cyprus, of course. But at the same time, Cyprus’s history is very complicated and, probably because it is so complicated, it is also truly fascinating. Therefore, even if you have not heard much about Cyprus and do not really care about this country, I would advise you to read this book if you have an interest for geopolitics and current affairs, and some historic topics such as colonisation, for instance. Continue Reading