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4 Days In Copenhagen

Hi guys!

I have just come back from a 4 days trip to Copenhagen and I feel like telling you a bit about this wonderful city. This post is going to be in-between travel diary and city guide, and I hope it will make you feel like visiting Copenhagen and give you some useful tips and info if you’re planning to visit this city in the near future.

Staying in Copenhagen

The first thing I need to warn you about is how expensive this city is. If you are on a budget, Copenhagen is not the destination to go for. Apart from that, people in Copenhagen are quite welcoming and speak an amazing english so you will not be in any trouble to communicate with them. Continue Reading

This And That

Around the World in 80 Days at the Theatre!


Hello guys!

I am back for an article which will not be a book review but, if we may say, a kind of theatre play review. Indeed, a couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an amazing play at St James’s Theatre: Around the World in 80 days. (Thank you again Andrew, if you read this!). Do not fear my bookish friends, this play is based on the eponymous novel by Jules Verne (published in France in 1872) so we’ll stay in the bookish area. Continue Reading